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Welcome to Knotty Yarn Twister!

Welcome to Knotty Yarn Twister, where threads of creativity intertwine with the journey of self-discovery. In this crafting haven, I celebrate the art of making while rediscovering the essence of "me." In 2024, it's about more than stitches; it's a revival of self. Join me in embracing the joy of handmade creations and the pursuit of personal fulfillment after putting myself on the back burner. Let's weave a tapestry of resilience, growth, and, above all, the happiness found in crafting and reclaiming our authentic selves.


Here's to a year of creative reawakening and finding the true "me" in every crafted masterpiece! I look forward to building a blog and eventually adding a shop to this site with handmade products!

As I go on the journey of rediscovery, I'll be working on my favorite hobby!

While I don't have an online shop at this moment, that is my goal for the first part of 2024!

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