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Beautiful Crochet

Crochet isn't just a craft; it's a journey of self-expression, where each stitch tells a story and every creation reflects the soulful artistry of its maker. Join me in discovering the calming effects of crocheting – a therapeutic journey that turns chaos into calm and threads into treasures.


Beneath, I'm excited to showcase some of my past works, each piece a testament to the beauty, warmth, and uniqueness that crochet brings into our lives. I'll provide links to the patterns used, if you would like to make your own. Once I get my store up and going, some of these will be available to purchase for you to gift to your loved ones.


Mesa Hat

This hat is stunning and so fun to stitch up! The pattern also includes a scarf, which I have created and will add a picture of soon. This is a Tunisian stitch, a slightly different technique that crochet, but easy to catch onto. This is NOT my pattern, it is a paid pattern that I purchased from Ravelry.

You can purchase the pattern here

Sugar & Spice Hat

I have to admit, this pattern is probably one of my favorites to whip up and the results are gorgeous every time! I have tried several different yarns, but this color yarn is my favorite color combination! This is a free pattern I found on Kirsten Holloway Designs.


Gift Card Holder - Snowman

My dad gives my sister and I a snowman ornament ever year for Christmas. This year, I had absolutely no idea what to get him for Christmas, so I made this gift card holder, added a loop, and gifted it to him. Now, he has his own snowman to add to their tree.

This is a free pattern from One Dog Woof

Sunflower Coasters

Are these not just the prettiest coasters? They were quick to make a set of 4 and I sold out of every set I made! I'll be making more of these and will have them available in the Spring, but if you want to try your hand at making them, you can find a free pattern on YouTube here.


Child's Lovey

I can't remember where I found this pattern, so I'll have to search, but this consisted of a few squares, head, hands, and feet, coming together in a soft snuggly toy that kids love to carry around!

Meet Valentin

My son came to me the night before our homeschool co-op a few years ago and asked if he could give his tutors a Valentine's present. I found this cute pattern on Ravelry and quickly make a couple for him to gift the next morning. They can be a quick reminder to someone how much they are loved!

This is a free pattern on Ravelry: Valentin



My cousin asked if I could make a Yoshi to sit with her collection. I searched high and low for a pattern and found this one (although it's been a few years and don't have the exact link). I absolutely love how he turned out!

Pinterest has several patterns, if you're interested in making your own. Due to the copyright of Yoshi, I will not make this to be sold.

Ear Warmer

I wanted to play around with stitches and create an Ear Warmer, and this is how it came out. While I didn't follow a pattern, I also didn't write it down as I went. A future project for me to tackle and, when it's finished, I'll post the pattern to this site.


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